May 31, 2006

Detroit Pants City

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Today is my 20th birthday. I decided to celebrate by introducing our loyal interweb fans to Greg's first solo comic. I hope you guys enjoy it... I personally laughed my ass off. Ah, pants. Live long and prosper.


May 24, 2006

May 17, 2006

Two Views on Romance

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So we have been finally featured on the Hotlinks section of College Humor, but unfortunately only on their pay version. So apparently we are good enough for their premium customers but not Joe StateU who would never pay a monthly fee for the boobies he sees for free and only checks out the regular Hotlinks. Anyway, thanks College Humor for all 5 visits that your link got us!

Oh and here is a look into our future: The End. Just sit back, stare and let the power overwhelm you.

Thank you. End Transmisson.

May 10, 2006

Prague Sandwich

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The Pizza Company Now Open for Business!

Hello, I am Jason Berkowitz, Filmmaker, Cartoonist, and overall pretentious hipster. Jon Aron Singer, Greg "Hurricane" Overhuls, and I have created a web comic entitled The Pizza Company which we will share with you all here. This is a slightly avant garde comic strip, and I hope you all will enjoy it. Please support us by telling all your friends about us and linking to us. If you have a site and link to us, we will gladly return the favor. We are also looking for any potential paying advertisers.

As for some opening links, please check this stuff out:

Jason's YouTube Page:
Jason's Online Shoppe: (If there is demand, we will open a Pizza Company Shop as well)
Jon on Myspace:
Jason on Myspace:
Greg on Myspace: